Class Descriptions

(adapted classes available)

Alex with kids, playing with hoopsMARS MUNCHKINS -
19 - 27 months
(parent participation)

This class uses a variety of activities, songs and props to encourage children to experiment with different skills such as running, kicking and jumping.

MERCURY MINIS - 28 - 35 months (parent participation)

In this class we have added several more advanced skills while still using fun activities, songs and props to engage children.

SATURN STARS - 3 year olds

In this class parental involvement is gradually decreased. More advanced skills are introduced on this level such as; controlling the ball, kicking into a target and passing. This is all done through the use of props and games.

JUPITER JUNIORS - 3½ - 4 year olds

This class uses many of the skills that were introduced in the 3 year old class. In addition, we now add the concept of turn taking and working with a partner while practicing specific exercises.

PLUTO PIONEERS - 4 year olds

In this class the children are ready to be challenged with more complex skills. Some of these skills are dribbling, passing and shooting and foot-eye coordination. This is all done using a variety of props and exciting games.

VENUS VIKINGS - 4½ - 5 year olds

This is an extension of the previous class. More advanced skills are introduced. Children are beginning to understand the concept of teamwork.

NEPTUNE NINJAS - 5 - 6 year olds

In this class the children are learning the basics of participating in small-sided games. This is done in a non-competitive environment with everyone learning at their own pace.