We have special expertise working with young kids with different abilities.  We create welcoming environment where they can feel comfortable and achieve their best potential at their own pace:

  • Our program for toddlers teaches them pre-soccer skills, as well as improved motor skills and balance as they test out those new walking legs. Classes include age-appropriate fun with mini goal posts and balls and props like cons, nudes, hurtles, balance beams,  hula-hoops and different sized balls.
  • Younger children and their parents can participate in bonding and pre-soccer skill-building activities like simple drills and warm-ups with music and games and games.
  • Preschoolers and kindergartners can build on their budding skills, while older kids can foster a sense of teamwork, collaboration, and communication.
  • Our classes aim to develop motor skills, teach soccer basics, and give kids a chance to put their skills to the test with some actual game time.
  • While the youngest might focus on balance, older kids move on to dribbling, defending, and otherwise improving technical skills and a love and understanding of the game.
  • A more advanced soccer program is also available for kids who want to take their game to the next level.
  • Classes take place indoors

For location and class schedule, please inquire either via email: or via cell/text: 347-693-8997

Soccer Clinics

Soccer Rockets now offers Clinics to for players who want to improve their soccer technique, and learn tactical game, teamwork, discipline and love of the game.

Clinics  will focus on individual and team players development and tactical awareness during small-sided activities and drills. Our clinics are taught by our professional coaching staff  and coach Alex. Players may be split into groups based on ability.

  • Focusing on creating a solid foundation of footwork skills
  • Players will  also learn how to handle the ball and to position their body to be able sustain good balance
  • Players learn how to develop force while shooting, passing and changing direction
  • They learn varies ways to see the field see and understand the game
  • Using dominant and non-dominant foot they learn and practice how to create opportunities for dribbling, passing, and scoring.

Private Lessons

Expending on Coach Alex’s expertise of  30+ years as a professional soccer player and a coach, as well as his deep understanding of the developmental process of young budding soccer players, we  now offer  packages for Private Lessons.

Our objective is to create an enjoyable soccer learning experience for all our children while providing personalized attention, pinpoint basics and fundamental skills while addressing the payers specific needs.

  • Lessons help with creating a solid foundation of footwork skills.
  • Players will learn how to be comfortable on the ball and how to position themselves when receiving  and shooting the ball. Topics include: footwork, first touch, vision, pass selection v. dribbling, positional awareness.

Please inquire either via email: or via cell/text: 347-693-8997